Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laser labels and its applications

1. Laser printer labels allows a person to print labels with the help of its own printer in order to modify and easily change any laser label through the help of print fonts, symbol fonts and graphics which are accessible on the word processing program.

2. You can systematize all your CD's videos, DVDs, files, folders, books and storage attached by the help of regular laser labels, color label laser or clear label laser. So if you want to organize your CD or DVD subsequently the best thing that you can do is to choose for laser labels.

3. There are different kinds of labels like shipping labels, bar code labels and scale labels in laser label format and in direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. According to the obligation of the customers any particular form of label is prepared.

4. There is a special kind of laser label which is called as the transparent variety. Some task is needed to be seen through option. You need to observe the background like photo captions and displays. For these reasons clear laser labels are essentially required. This clear laser label facilitates you to see-through options for home, office or school labeling jobs.

The most important function of the laser labels are that they are smear proof and won't jam the printer. They are safe for your printer and you can use it securely without any risk factors attached with the use of these label printer.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why do Label Printers range in cost so much?

There are only a couple of Label Printers on the market that are very cheap, in comparison to others, for no obvious reason. The reason generally is that the consumables must be bought from the printer manufacturer. If you are only doing small measures of labelings (say less than a couple of thousand) then this may suitable you, otherwise the cost of consumables will be very high. You can put away a lot of money on consumables by buying a label printer that uses "generic labels and ribbons". The printer may charge you more but the overall cost will be much lower over time.

While we are asked for a price of a label printer the first question is how many labels are you going to be printing over say 6 months. Most people are unsuspecting for this question but it decides the quality of the printer for the job. For example, if you were going to propel a letter to every person in Australia (say 20 million) then you would build sure your printer was built to handle this. Likewise, a label printer is capable of 20 million labels is built totally differently to a label printer capable of say 200,000 labels.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Physical Characteristics of Label Printer

How you plan to make use of your labeling machine and the category of labels you require to print, will say the type of labeling machine. You'll need to get into consideration factors for example the quantity of labels to be printed, the size of the labels, and how the labels will be used.

Label volume: Machines are normally classified as low, medium or high volume machines. A low volume machine would be print up to about 100 labels per day. A medium volume would be in the range of 100 to 500 labels per day. A high volume would be over 500 labels per day.

Label size: Label materials are accessible in widths from 1/4" wide up to 10" wide. Though, there are no machines that can print labels over that range of widths. Label printers are obtainable that will create labels in a variety of widths. In general they can be divided by size into three groups.

  • Printers that create labels from 1/4" to 1" in width
  • Printers that create labels from 1/2" to 4" in width
  • Printers that create labels from 4" to 10" in width

If you want to make labels with a wide range of widths, for example 1/2" and 6" wide labels, there are two choices.

Option 1: You can obtain two labeling machines, one for the smaller labels and the other to create the larger labels.

Option 2: You can get one machine that has the capacity to produce smooth labels. A machine that prints 1/2" to 3" wide labels would work well. It could straightly print the smaller labels. The larger labels would be printed in two floorings which are connected together to make the 6" label.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Buy a branded Label printer?

For label printer users, the big question is not what type of label printer you need (whether it may be a barcode label printer, address label printer, high speed label printer, etc.), but how should you trust for your printing and labeling jobs.

You can trust a standard Label Printer to make professional labels for all your label printer requirements. By means of a label printer to create labels for envelopes, packages, file folders, CD/DVDs and more. Creating labels has never been so easy. The trusted brand in printing and labeling, brings you a variety of versatile and easy-to-use label printers that will assure your business or personal necessities to print high quality labels on demand.

Label printers reduce the disturbance you may be currently experiencing while creating labels on hand. Label printers permit you to print only what you need, accurately when you need to do. There is no wasted sheet which means no waste of money. An easy-to-format label has put an end to annoying misalignment problems. In addition, the user-friendly software included with the label printer allows you to easily modify your labels with logos, graphics, different fonts and then print them in the label printer at up to 69 labels per minute.

Yet, the tape rolls used in label printers are unique and designed to make creating labels easier for you. Their convenient, drop-in design agrees to you to easily switch out different rolls to print different size labels easily. Also, the printer automatically detects the type of label on each roll, so you don't have to manually select the spin type in the software. In short, with a branded Label printer you'll use less time labeling and more time with your other important responsibilities.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World's Top 7 Label Printers

1. Dymo Labelwriter 400 Turbo Label Printer

Dymo's Labelwriter 400 Turbo tops in the list of the best label printers because of the quality of its output and its features that make it easy to use. Labels are easy to pack, automatic label arrangement perfectly aligns labels on the first try. Then you can print labels directly from programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, QuickBooks, ACT! The 400 Turbo label printer prints over 40 different label types and is the most excellent label printer in its class at 55 labels per minute. Moreover it's also available in a twin unit.

2. Dymo RhinoPro 5000 Industrial LabelMaker Printer

If your business needs a rough, handheld labeling system for labeling things such as wires and cables, this is the best choice. The RhinoPro 5000 label printer's output is very customizable and still effortless to use. Hot Keys supply automatic label formatting for cable and wire packaging and patch panels, for instance, though Symbol Keys make adding commonly used datacom and electrical symbols a break. There's even an advanced wire gauge function wherever you can select the wire gauge or cable size and the RhinoPro 5000 sets up the label accurately.

3. Brother International PC Label Printer QL550

One of the desktop label printers that let you print labels directly from applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook and the QL550 labeling system lets you do that. Any more of this label printer's features that really like to the auto tape cutter which makes it more easier to get clean label edges. The QL550 is fast (at up to 50 labels per minute), produces quality production, and it can print a full variety of label types (up to 2 and 3/7 inches wide). The only problem may be the label printer's size, you'll want to check your desk space.

4. Seiko Smart Label Printer 440

The Seiko label printers do a great job of printing labels (up to 2 and 1/8 inch thick in this case) and are very easy to use. Seiko's Smart Label feature lets you directly capture an address from applications like Word! Goldmine, Palm Desktop and Outlook, save you from retyping, and this labeling system creates it easy to customize labels. You can mix barcodes, different fonts, and your company logos all on one label if you want. Usually, the Seiko series price is high, but the quality is too good. It's for either Windows or Mac operating systems.

5. Brother PT-2700 Professional Desktop Labeling System

This label printer's flexibility makes it a place on the list. It prints up to 1 inch wide plastic-coated tapes for indoor or outdoor use and can be used as a standalone, a portable labeler or associated to a PC or Mac. This 1 inch wide labels will serve most purposes. The PT-2700 labeling system comes with a built-in automatic reaper and memory to save up to 99 labels, two really fine features, it will print up to 7 lines, in 8 font sizes and 12 type styles. A good choice for the use in office.

6. Dymo Execulabel Label Manager 300 Label Printer

Dymo's Label Manager 300 labeling system permits you to store up to 10 frequently used labels, for example. (Compare this with Brother's PT-2700 label printer which stores up to 99 labels.) As for customization, Dymo's Label Manager 300 offers a choice of six fonts, six boxes and seven background patterns. It does perform a fine job of printing labels and has an automatic label cutter.

7. Brother Pt1650 Ptouch Portable Label Printer

This is another choice for those who require a labeling system capable of handling the needs of telecom, electrical and industrial work. Brother's Pt1650 label printer utilizes Flexible ID Tape and rotated print for cable packaging and declining, industrial strength laminated tapes for square panel labeling and standard laminated tapes for faceplate labeling. It is possible to transfer label data and designs from your PC (plugging the Pt1650 into your PC's USB port) or generate labels with graphics and bar codes up to 1 inch wide. The "easy entry" keyboard and large display are helpful when it comes to editing.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Choose the accurate Label Size ?

The following steps are necessary to design an exact label sizes.

  • Start off by measuring the highest area the label can cover from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Previously you know the maximum area you need to set the minimum area coverage that you’re ready to allow. If you know the maximum area and the minimum area you can now chase for the perfect label for your application.
  • Stay standard size list which will illustrate you a wide variety of sizes you can choose from them. Recommend finding a couple of different label sizes so you have a slight variety when making your final decision.
  • Another great tool for finding the right label size is from size searching tools.
  • After prefering a couple of sizes, then sketching the label sizes with a ruler on a piece of regular paper.
  • Cut out the outlined area with a pair of scissors, Exacta knife or cutting board.
  • Hold the cut out part up the item you are labeling to get a design of what that label size will seem like when it is applied.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips to Removing a Label from Glass or Metal Surfaces

Glass or metal surfaces are among the most common surfaces labels are applied to the products. There are some different options for removing labels from glass or metal. With a few common household items, the process can be simple.

  • A general rule of thumb prior to using any label removing product is to find a test area. In general, you will desire to use an area of the surface that is covered from view. That way, if the material being used leaves a mark it will be unremarkable to the naked eye.
  • Once you have resolute the cleaner is surface safe, fold up a paper towel, cloth, or pad as large as the label you are removing and apply your choice of cleaner.
  • A few proposals are household ammonia, Fast Orange®, or Goo Gone®.
  • Put down the pad over the label and use masking tape to keep it hard in place.
  • Allow it to sit for 1-2 hours subsequent to you have applied your cleaner. Following the elapsed time, the label should slide right off your surface.